To Dance Like the Cats

Haaay.. every single centavo I paid for the tickets to see Cats here in Manila is sooo worth it!

At the lobby, while waiting for the house to open, live music was being played.  And there was a lot of people!  It was like nobody wanted to be late when in fact we all have sure seats.. hahaha!

There are also a lot of souvenir items being sold and of course I have to buy some.  Well, I got the playbill of course, then the others were too pricey for me.  Although, I was very much willing to spend for the Cats charm bracelet!   It was out of stock at that time, so I just asked a friend to buy it for me once available.. weee!

When we finally got inside, I was already mesmerized with the wonderful and perfect stage in front of me.  We really were transported to the alley where the Jellicle cats meet! 

And of course, a perfect performance.  There were a lot of scenes and stunts that I was really waiting for and I was not disappointed.  Ever since I first saw Cats, my favorite is the number of Mungojerry and Rumpleteaser!  And I needed to stop myself from crying.  It was so amazing to see their double tumble (cartwheel) in live action!  Haaay.. It really was perfect!

And yes, most Filipinos watched this play because of Ms. Lea Salonga, and I'm no difference.  And of course she did not let us down.  She is still as amazing as ever, although this is the first time I saw her perform (singing the national anthem before a play is not really counted as performance, although still very good).  When she sang "Memory" I wasn't able to control my emotions anymore and let go.  I no longer cared, because I can no longer contain it.  When she stood up and hit that very high note with grace and perfection... Waaaaah!  I just lost it.  Haaay..

Lea's Picture - i took a picture of her picture in the playbill

One surprise for me though was the Filipino version of "Memory" sang as the Act 2 started.  Another was the interaction of the cats with the audience before the second act started.  And people took out their cameras and snapped pictures.  And the ushers were letting them!  So, I took the opportunity to get some shots and was able to catch one cat.  Of course, once Act to began I hid my phone again.  It really was irritating to see people who were doing some video recording.  Haaay..

Haaay.. It really was a magical night for me.  I really had a wonderful time at the Jellicle Ball.. Next stop, Les Miserables.. Chos!

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