My Bag Diet Cheat Day

A couple of weeks back, I needed some retail therapy, however I was determined to stick to my bag diet.  But passing up a 50% off sale made me give in and declare it to be my bag cheat day!

Actually, it's supposed to be a reward since I stuck to the diet for more than 6 months already.

But before all that, I only planned on getting shoes.  I got these pairs.

As you can see in this previous post, I have wished for this pair and I ended up getting a different color.  Time to get a wish granted.  (from Centropelle)

I have wanted to get a pair of oxford shoes for quite some time.  I wanted to accept the challenge of being able to style them.  Let's see where my simple fashion sense will take me with these. (from Shoebox)

And then, SM Department Store had their bags on sale for 50% off.  I have set some rules before I totally gave in.  It needs to be less than 500 Php and I wanted to get a quilted shoulder bag.  And viola!  After a couple of racks I spotted this and fell in love!  And I almost went weak on the knees when I saw the reduced price at 400 Php!  Woohoo! (Belladonna)


I was a happy shopper indeed.  Retail therapy really was therapeutic for me that day.

What's your latest steal?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Wahaha. Cute bag, and cheap too. Good for you to be able to stick with your budget.:)

  2. Thanks Tsina! Gotta have self-control! Hahahahaha!

  3. pretty shoes, i love the floral prints on the oxfords!

  4. Thanks! I sure hope I'll be able to pull it off..