The Jagged Barn's New Look

I most of the time wonder, when is the best time to change my blog's look? It has been two years and I haven't changed the template or used any other template for The Jagged Barn. I guess, it's high time to make some changes and give this blog a new look!

Like the previous template, I went to Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates to check out their three column designs and actually fell in love with two templates.

Of course a couple of tweaks needs to be done and the tutorials of Simply Famous Blogger Templates are the best and very easy to follow. I'll actually go back there and check a couple more tutorials I can use for The Jagged Barn.

If there's one advice I can give in changing the look of your blog, that's BACK IT UP!

  • save your current template - this would be useful when you think you made the wrong decision. it would be easier to bring back your original template. even if you're 100% sure already, the template you wanted may not be really what you thought it would be. so, instead of staying with a broken site, you can just reload the original one while you search for the perfect new template.

  • make a list of your widgets - use a program that's easy for your to copy-paste (I used notepad). list all the widgets that you currently have and either write simple descriptions of each widget or the html code that's in that widget. most of the time new templates would not be able to keep or save your current widgets. so, when you are prompted to delete all widgets, there's no need to fret, because you've backed up all information regarding the widgets that you already have.
Changing blog templates could be addicting, but I would have to stop myself in making changes everyday. Besides, I don't really have that much time. Although, I think, even if I do, I don't want you guys go looking for things or wondering if you're in the right place all the time.

Here's a collage of screen shots of my old template for comparison and in memory of..

So, what do you think of the new look? Is there anything you miss from the old template that's not here? Let me know in your comments! I would love to know what you think!

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  1. Laarni: thanks for sharing these infos. on your blog.
    Being quite meticulous on the template I'm using, I really made sure that it would be soothing to my senses. I prefer green ones because I am a nature-lover. I love simple templates that are very eye perplexing.

    Followed yeah ope you could visit mine too.

    here's my url

    have a nice day ahead Laarni..

  2. I like the new look. Thanks for the tips also. =))

    Some awards for you:

  3. Hi Laarni...I fixed the link; I don't know why I didn't see that...thank you! I love your new blog's fun and clean. I appreciate the tips as well! :)

  4. thanks y'all for dropping by and assuring me that i made the right choice of picking this blog template.. come and visit back soon! i have visited your blogs as well.. :)

  5. This new layout is really nice. Clean, crisp and organized. I really need to work on mine some more, I'm not quite happy with it yet...

  6. Just make sure you will have time to do it and update stuff and pick a template that you really like.. Thanks for visiting!