Sunshine Award 2011

I first got this award last year.  And I didn't think I would get another one this year!  Thanks to Michi for giving me this award. 

So, here are the rules:
  1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.
  2. Answer the following questions.
  3. Pass it to 10 fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.
Here are the questions:

Favourite Colour: green; red and purple for accessories and gadgets
Favourite Animal: dogs, pugs to be specific
Favourite Number: 5 and 18
Favourite Drink: coffee
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Your passion: theater arts, reading, writing/blogging
Giving or getting presents: both
Favourite pattern: graphic patterns
Favourite day: holidays
Favourite flowers: gerbera daisies, hence my badge

And I think the following are fabulous bloggers!  They are new blogs I have visited today and I made it eleven just to spread the fabulousity!

  1. Hael
  2. ai2magz
  3. Manila Life
  4. Bee
  5. Tina D
  6. Katrina
  7. Kurt and Stacy
  8. kiz_me1109
  9. beestows
  10. mochamudslide
  11. m@noy at nin@y
Happy weekend everyone!

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    1. hey thanks! I'll give back the love! <3

      ~Haeley (

    2. Hi Laarni! Thanks for the award. It's my first one. yey! :)

    3. Hello! Nice blog sis! Just followed you. Visit mine when you are free. Girltalker here :)

    4. Thanks bechay! I have followed you back!

    5. Sweet! Thanks laarni! Have a great week! :)

    6. You're very much welcome, kiz! 

    7. Ohhh this is sweet! thank you :)