Two Years of Barn's Jaggedness

The Jagged Barn has been up and about for two years now.  Of course, not without some challenges and down time. 

I'm grateful to all the followers of this blogs.  Thank you for sharing a piece of my insanity and your sanity through your comments. 

As we go to the third year of Jaggedness, I wish for the following:

  • regain my PR 3 blog rating (that was my rating before I went on hiatus)
  • be able to host a give-away (winking at sponsors hihihihi!)
  • have more followers and receive more comments.. i always gush on comments!
  • and in line with the passing of Steve Jobs, my iTouch crashed and needs to be restored and I'm currently having a difficult time doing so, and my iTouch has played a very important role in making me blog again, so, a short time wish is that it gets fixed for me to be able to blog easily again.
Again, thank you for being with The Jagged Barn for two years, 81 followers, 121 posts, 277 comments and currently at PageRank 2!  Thank you very much!

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The Jagged Barn

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  1. congrats on your 2nd year of blogging! keep 'em coming :) followed your blog sis.

  2. thanks for the greeting and for following :)