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One of the things that kept me away from my laptop since last year, was my iTouch 4!

I just loved the fact that it has built in camera, since I looove taking pictures! I may not be as good as most but I simply enjoy it. And bumping into Instagram, a cool photo-sharing app, made me enjoy it even more!

It was an easy sign up! And you can easily start following the feeds of your friends since it could be connected to Facebook and Twitter to search for them.

You can either take a new photo or share one from the existing photos in your photo album.

Sharing your photos is not limited to Instagram alone. You can also share them through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, Posterous and be sent to your e-mail.

It also has about 15 or 16 filters to use for a little enhancement on your photos. It also had Tilt Shift for a somehow macro effect.

One of the good things about Instagram is the possibility of extending your network. You can use hashtags in posting your photos so other users can search for them and you also get to know other people by searching for photos. They can start following you and/or you following them (depending on security settings).

And I guess, the best of all is it's FREE! So head on to the App Store and install Instagram today! Let me know your username and I'll check your photos out!

What's the latest app you enjoy the most? Comment away!

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