PETA stages "William": A Rap Musical

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) stages "William". Written by Ron Capinding and directed by Maribel Legarda.

It's a modern and realistic take on how today's youth face the challenges of life and learning about a much complicated and boring, as it may initially seem, works of the great writer, William Shakespeare.

The story revolves around the lives of 5 Junior students as they deal about, coming out of the closet, bullying, falling in love, being in a broken family and having the strength and courage to stand out and make something of yourself; while understanding and memorizing excerpts of Shakespeare's well known works.

On an artists' stand point, it sure was a difficult task to be part of this production. You'd need to memorize a whole lot of long lines as written by Shakespeare and rap out the script. You'd also need to break some bones to pull off those hip hop moves. And of course, stay in character the whole time! And with that, I salute the whole cast!

You'll either easily identify with or remember your high school classmates with each character.

John Moran's portrayal of "Richard" is very much like your typical Class President, that's always ready and take the lead.

TJ is the popular jock that you don't want to mess with, you know he is hanging by a thread to pass and just simply can't get out of trouble.

Sophia is the beautiful popular girl in class that everyone seem to love.

Estella is the Class Valedictorian that you will always see with a book or pen writing everything that the teacher says.

Erwin is the one you probably don't remember all too well. He was someone who fades into the background but somehow you wished you knew a little more.

And of course the rowdy bunch that would make you laugh and cry and makes the teachers pull out their hair.

And of course our all too passionate teachers that would do anything and everything for us to learn to enable us to be better as a person.

Again, I sooo loved their performance that I didn't notice the time fly by so fast.

One of the things I enjoy in PETA productions is the stage and music. The use of chairs as stage design and set is sooo creative and but apt for the school setting. It was sooo cool that they easily transform them to platforms, tables and even lockers!

I'm a bit disappointed with the music though, or I'm not just a fan of rap music. Using rap is all good. I was just looking for a distinct sound or music that I would be able to hum to when I step out of the theater. Or a line or two from the songs that would stick to me. Sadly, there's none. Maybe because the rap beat was common, i'm not sure.

I guess I'd have to go back and see it all again. Perhaps with a different cast on stage just for variation, but I'm sure it would be a whole lot of fun! And hopefully I'll have a song or tune that I would have LSS on!

Join me and see the rest of the shows of PETA's "William" at the PETA Theater Center on September 17, 18, 24 and 25 at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. For ticket reservations and more inquiries call: 725-6244; 410-0821; 0917-576-5400 or e-mail

Let's see how Shakespeare will "break it down.."

Do you know of any up coming or currently running stage productions? Or you've also enjoyed this production? Let me know and comment away!

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