Shoe Shopping at ShoeMart

Or most commonly known as SM. With the recent scandal or news surrounding SM North Edsa I was having second thoughts on going to this mall, but it also made me think, this could also be the safest place right now because they would definitely increase their security. So, off to SM Department Store, to celebrate my birthday in a little retail therapy, or shoe shopping to be more specific.

I go to the department store when I buy shoes because, it's just way cheaper and less tiring. Women's shoes are all in one section, thus, no need to go from one shop to another. Plus, this time I have a time limit of about an hour before closing time so, I needed all the time and having everything all on one place I managed to snag these goodies.

I wanted a pair of simple sandals. And I loved this pair from Chelsea for only Php 450.00!

I saw this suuuper comfy loafers from Sabato for only Php 799.00 and I just had to have them. It's so soft and I know I'll be able to wear it for a long time without hurting my feet.

And I'm looking for red flats but wasn't able to see any that I like. And I saw this pair from Bocalo that I always asked for before but never had the size that would fit me. And guess what, they have it on my size now! This one is also only for Php 799.00.

So, all these shoes for only a little over Php 2,000.00 I don't think that's bad. Not bad at all. Now all that's left is what to wear with these pairs! What do you think? Any suggestions?  Let me know in your comments!

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  1. great buys! they really have great finds at reasonable prices at SM. =))

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks, Jackie! Can't wait to use them this week!

  3. Nice choices. I also visit SM everytime I need a shoe fix. There are just so many choices and they're all in one convenient place. =)

  4. Thanks! I just hope I'll be able to pair them with a nice outfit! ;)