Exploring Coron, Palawan: Under the Sea Beauty

For the last day of exploring Coron, Palawan, we went to the following places:

  • World War II Shipwreck
  • Calomboyan Island
  • Coral Garden
And what best time to forget the snorkeling gear, but today!  Good thing, Ate Lala and the boat we are using have a spare, so they were able to lend us goggles.. No breathing apparatus available though.. So, we needed to breathe on our own.. :(

Coron Travel Tip 007: Before leaving the for the day's tour, double check if your tour guide has your snorkeling gear packed, especially if you don't have gears of your own.  

It was a long boat ride before we got to the first stop, The WWII Ship Wreck.  I think it was more than an hour.  Along the way there were already a lot of sights that you can really enjoy.  There are also butterflies trying to cross the waters.  We also passed by the cemetery of a local tribe there.

There are again a lot of fishies and it's a good thing that we stopped by the bakery before going to the site.  The bread smelled good even for me, thus, I'm pretty sure that the fishies enjoyed the treat.

This is how we managed to go snorkeling and feed the fishies without the complete gear:

It was beautiful above the water as well:

Then we were already off to have lunch at the Calomboyan Island.  But the clear skies started to get cloudy.  It's a good thing that there's a place in the island where we could have our lunch without getting our food wet.

We had red crabs for lunch!  This one, we were able to finish.  Because of the rain outside, we opted to eat as much as we can.  There was grilled beef too, but of course it's the crabs that we really really loved.  I had ripe mangoes for dessert. 

We explored the rest of the island when the rain was not so strong anymore.  We did not take out the camera from the underwater pack to protect it from rain.  And I can't help but pose for pictures.  Bwahahahahahah!

and of course, do jump shots!

After some time the skies cleared and Ate Lala asked us to wear the life vests and put on our goggles to see the wonderful world that surrounds the island!  We were able to see lots of fishies even if we didn't have bread with us at that time.

And when I thought this was the Coral Garden already, I was so surprised to know that we would still need to go there.

The beauty under the sea is sooo amazing and breath taking.  I just saw these in the books I had when I was a kid and now, I realize their for real.  And more to my amazement, they're here in the Philippines!

It's just sad that there were some touring boats that are careless and have little oil spills.  I wanted to shout, "How dare you!"  But, we were not sure where it really came from.  Haaaay.. We just hope that these beautiful marvels are still there when it would be the future generation's turn to go and visit Coron.

Here are the images we took in Coral Garden:

Haaaay.. It's all too amazing for words.  I sure hope you would get to see it for real.  And also have the sense of sort of wishing to take care of Mother Earth and somehow keep this beautiful world under the sea alive.

For Pasalubong

Ate Lala highly recommended that we bring home Coron's dried fish. 

Coron Travel Tip 008: Buy your dried fish goods at the stores in front of the Port of Coron.  It's cheaper there than in other stores.  Try their dried squid as well!

Haaay.. I can't believe it was already time to go.  After a very good night's sleep, we left Coron the next morning and got back to reality.  We'd love to go back again.  Maybe next year?  There are more spots in there that are left to be explored by this jagged Barn.  :)

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  1. grabe no, there's areally an amzing world down there. nice coron series, well blogged. very informative!

  2. Wow. Ang ganda pala talaga sa Coron. I should have joined my friends on their December trip. =|