The Rest of Virgin Labfest 2010

I was unable to blog as much as I wanted to in the past couple of days.  And we have already finished watching all the sets of Virgin Labfest 6!  Weee!  And I sooo enjoyed everything.  I'm so glad, in spite of the fatigue and haggardness it brought, we were able to see all the sets and a few more..

I am still very sleepy right now, so I would just give a few comments on the rest of the sets that I have seen.

SET F: Virgin Labfest 5 Revisited

We saw the 3:00 PM show last June 27.  We were able to see only one set last year and Boy-Gel Ang Gelpren ni Mommy was included in that set.  Since 2 out of 3 would be new for us, we of course watched this set still.

I sooo love Isang Araw sa Karnabal!  I love everything about it.  The script, the actors, the lights, the sounds and of course how it was directed.  It was so, perfect for me, especially when they rode the roller coaster!  I felt that I was in the ride as well.

Boy-Gel Ang Gelpren ni Mommy was just as I have anticipated.  Even though, Mikhail was played by a different person from last year. Claudia Enriquez is also good playing the part.

Doc Resureccion: Gagamutin ang Bayan kept me at the edge of my seat.  I was waiting for what would happened next, and nothing prepared me for it!

SET E Banyaga: Twinbill

We were again late for this set. :( But we were able to catch almost everything, unlike the previous times we were late. 

The Sundan Natin Si Eversan Ensemble was really great and energetic.  But the play was too rowdy for me.

3Some is quite nice.  The twists and turns of the story did not really surprise me.  So, what can I say about the nudity?  Hmmm.. Nothing much really.  :p


This is my most awaited set and we almost missed it.  I'm sooo glad we didn't. 

Huling Habilin ng Sirena almost became a typical gay story for me.  Well, almost.  There was too much anger lines and they were expressed in a typical angry way.

A Fist Full of Sand also had a good ensemble.  It's just difficult for me to appreciate or connect with a poetry play, I was still looking for more story in the poem.  There were a few, but not enough for me.

My favorite, Carmi Martin, is the best for me!  The actors, the lines, the twists of the story.  I love it!  And it was really fun watching it and Carmi Martin was with us in the audience (she really is immortal)!  It really pay to be hag sometimes.  A few minutes into the play, when I remembered what "carmi martin" meant in the gay linggo.  And even with that knowledge and the hints given (the "ting" of the bell in every key word), I was still surprised in how the story turned out to be.

I sooo enjoyed Virgin Labfest 2010, and I can't wait for next year.  Here are my bets on which plays would be included when the revisit this season:

Balunbalunan, Bingibingihan by Debbie Ann Tan
Ondoy by Remi Karen Velasco
Carmi Martin by J. Dennis C. Teodosio

Well, I sure hope you enjoyed this years Virgin Labfest as much as I did.  What are your favorites?  Who's the best actor or actress for you?  Comment away! 

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