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Okay, I'm not really good at highlighting my best angles or talents if there would be any.  This would be a difficult post for me to write.  But nonetheless, I would like to participate in this week's Team Carnival call for posting.  So, here goes..  Here is what I think is the best blog entry here in The Jagged Barn:

A Jagged Musical Weekend Part 1: Ateneo Blue Repertory Stages "Zanna Don't"

Okay, this piece would not really give me a Pulitzer prize or something.  I don't even think this post deserves an award of some sort.  But I still consider this as, so far, the best blog entry in this blog in the less than 10 months of its stay.

Here are the reasons, which started here:

Yup! This is the comment from one of the directors of the play, RR Herrera.  Although, I'm not sure if I would be glad or not that he saw the one in YouSayToo than the main blog post here.  I'm just really glad that he took notice of the blog post.  And because of that, I was able to get a copy of the soundtrack!  Weeee!

So, we went and watch it again.  I thought at first that all I would have is the soundtrack, but as I watch the play again, I noticed a few changes.. And my heart was already thumping in weird patterns when these changes are rather familiar.  I wanted to ignore it.  And I'm so glad that they were very open to my criticism and did something about it.  Of course, the play got better, not that it was bad during the first time I saw it.  I rather enjoyed it that's why I was willing to see it again, aside from getting the copy of the soundtrack that I got after the show.

It was such a good feeling that there are people out there, aside from my friends, who I think have no choice, who read my articles and posts.  And they don't stop from reading.  They put what they read into good use.  I am not a theater guru.  I try to make a name for myself in the theater industry but destiny doesn't seem to permit to, so I got to the next best thing: writing about it.  This blog post and the comment from RR, and the change in the stage because of a comment I made, was enough to give me the sense of fulfillment. 

I still love theater and I still refuse to let go of the Broadway dream, but I somehow get the same satisfaction in writing.  Besides, this was my first love before I really knew about the rush that course through my veins when the curtain goes up and the lights turn on..

I consider this is the best blog entry here so far because of the doors it opened.  And I'm so glad that it didn't end there.  BlueRep's Baus Rufo invited me to watch their season opener: Edges: A Song Cycle and blog about it.  Unfortunately, the invite came a little late because I would not be able to see it until the weekend.  So, for now, I would like to invite you to see Ateneo BlueRep's first production for this theater season.

Here's what their poster says:

Who am I?  Who do I want to become?
EDGES is not a traditional musical; it is an exciting new show about four burgeoning adults asking these classic coming-of-age questions. Confronting emotions, escaping expectations, and deciphering complicated relationships -- the songs cover such universal issues as love, commitment, identity and meaning.
EDGES wants you to explore what happens when we are teetering on the edges!

Musical Direction by EJAY YATCO
Set Design by JJ IGNACIO
Lighting Design by TINA BARAYOGA


Showdates are from July 14 - 31 at the Ateneo Fine Arts Theater, 3rd floor, Gonzaga Hall

For more inquiries, tickets and reservations contact Tine at 0917 467 0080I'll let you all know what I think about it after I see it.. Enjoy!

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