Exploring Coron, Palawan: The Trouble Getting There

Last year, we took advantage of Cebu Pacific's seat sale and booked a round trip flight for two.  Destination: Busuanga!  It would be our first time to go to Palawan, so, even in it was a lot of months ago we were already very excited.

We may have gotten our plane fares cheap, but we know for a fact that the expenses we would incur in a 4-day-3-night trip would not be that easy on the pocket.  So, right after booking the flights we already scouted for a place to stay and things to do, and of course, save up for those days.

As early as November or December last year, we already picked out a place where we would stay as recommended by well traveled friends.  We have talked to them through e-mail and we were able to exchange contact information.  Since it was still too early to deposit our reservations, we just held on to the e-mail exchange that we have.  However, come a month before the trip, they tell us that they don't have rooms available for the days of that we would be in Coron.  Grrrr!  So, again, we searched for a new place to stay.

Another good friend recommended, Coron Village Lodge.  And we were so glad that we checked it out.  Negotiations was a breeze and before we know it, we were already depositing our reservations for the place.  We also decided to take the tour package they offered.  Their rates was even lower than the previous place we were about to stay in.  And there are a lot of inclusions in their package as well.

So, the big day came.  It was a little cloudy, but it was not really raining.  Nevertheless, like all other flights during that day, ours got delayed.  Super delayed, that we waited for about four hours.

During that four-hour wait, we needed to buy food, since it was already past lunch time.  We took pictures of people waiting there too.  We got tired of the announcement that the flights were delayed because of "poor visibility" here in the Manila airport.  Sheesh!  And then, the worst happened.

I felt that my bladder is going to burst, so, I went to the wash room.  And then, I got the worst news ever!  I have my period!  Grrrrrrr! I don't follow the normal cycle, so, I'm not really sure when my visitor would come.  I didn't expect that it would be this day.. of all days!

Since my menstrual cycle is irregular, I always have sanitary napkin with me.  But this time, I don't have it in my hand carry.  It was already in the baggage that we already checked in!  So, I have no choice but to buy in the airport, which is sooo costly!  I didn't even bother to look or remember the price because I would just be sooo frustrated.

And that's the easy part of the story.  We are going on a trip!  On an island trip!  Most of our activities would include swimming!  And I have my freaking period!  Waaaah!

This is not the first time I would be swimming with a period, but what I usually do, is as soon as I get enough of the water, I would already take a bath and change.  So, how would I be doing that when we are island hopping?  When I get out of the water, it doesn't necessarily mean that I won't be getting back in.  I really was starting to freak out and at the same time, I have been devising a plan on how to survive this and still enjoy.

After what seem to be years of waiting, it was already clear to board the plane.  We didn't fly right away though, we waited for about 30 minutes because the pilot said it was raining in Busuanga.

It's really sad why in spite of all the hassle that the delay in the flight brought us, there were no complimentary drinks or even just nuts or discount on our next flight to make it up to us.  Haaaay...

Well, at least we were able to arrive their safely, even with major turbulence during the flight.  I really needed to grab a hold of my seat.

More stories of our Coron Adventure in the coming posts!

How's your latest flying experience like? 

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  1. Hi sis, your lucky to get seat sale sa cebu pac ako never pa ako nakatsamba makakuha paano ba? hehe.

    btw checked my blog i tagged you, claim it anytime:-)


  2. hi grace, i suggest you subscribe to their email/newsletter, so that you would get the latest updates on the on going seat sales.. :)

    thanks for the tag! i might claim it next week.. i hope that's okay.. :)

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