Exploring Coron, Palawan: Underwater Fun!

For our second day in Coron Palawan, we are scheduled to go to the following spots:
  • Siete Pecados
  • Cayangan Lake
  • Atuwayan Beach
  • Twin Lagoon

We were unable to research about these spots, so, we just expected the usual.  However, we were able to ask if we would be snorkeling during this day's trip, and they said yes.  So, we sort of prepared for that too.  We don't have snorkeling gear and it's not included in the package, so, we rented it for Php 150.00 per day.

For my red problem, I had a non-wing pad on again but trimmed the edges more, since again, I fear that the sides of the pad would show.  Although, I was careful not to trim so much, because the absorbing material might get out, and that of course would be tragic.

I made sure to bring extra pads, panty-liners and tissue.  This is also when we realized that I left my beach dress at home, so if worst comes to worst, my improvised changing room would be my sarong.  Good thing I brought enough shorts because I also was thinking that moving to and from the boat would be a little difficult if I'm wearing a dress.

Also we brought our own bottle of water, just like what we did for Mt. Tapyas.  Although, there is drinking water available for us, it was in a big water jug that it would be such a bother to drink from it or get water in between islands.  And I really need to drink a lot of water.

When we learned that we are going snorkeling, we wore aqua shoes instead of slippers.

Siete Pecados

First stop is Siete Pecados.  It's a snorkeling site.  Ate Lala, our tour guide brought bread along for the fishes to come out or at least go near us.  This is also the first time we would be using the underwater pack for the camera.  And here's the wonderful under the sea in Siete Pecados. (Click to photos to enlarge, just click the Back button in your browser to go back here.)

Then, we're off to the second destination:

Cayangan Lake

Our tour guide told us that there would be a little trekking involved.  She said it would take about 10 minutes to get to the lake.

Of course, it took us very much more than just 10 minutes!  The steps were small and steep and slippery!  It really was a good thing that we had shoes on instead of slippers.

It was supposed to be five minutes of going up and another five minutes of going down before you actually get to the lake.

Good thing I took medicine for my dysmenorrhea after having breakfast (we had danggit, tapa and egg). 

Once you get to the highest point of the trek, before going down, there is a cave and also a perfect spot to take a picture of the islands.

Here's a glimpse of the lake.  It really is very beautiful..

On our way back to the boat, there were a lot of people noticing our shoes and were saying (in different languages and dialects) that they should have thought of wearing those kind of shoes too.  There was one Japanese lady whose big toe was bleeding because of the trek to the lake.

Coron Travel Tip 006: Cayangan Lake - wear aqua shoes!  Or any other feet protection that would be fit for trekking and swimming, so that it would be easier for you to get to the water and back again.  

It was a good thing that there was a wash room there.  I was able to change my pad.  And I really wanted to do so, because after this would be lunch time and of course we would be out of the water so, it would start to flow again because of being sort of dry.

We had lunch in Atuwayan Beach!  

We had our lunch in this very beautiful beach.  Coron Village Lodge had lunch included in our package.  And it's actually more of a feast than just lunch.  We had pork adobo,  pancit, grilled fish (i'm not sure what type of fish it was, but it's sooo yummy and big).  Ate Lala prepared fresh tomatoes and onion too. 

After that, it's time to hit the waters!  The water was so clear and the sky was so blue.  We had so much fun in this beach.  And because of the under water pack for the camera, an underwater picture is a must!

We did not notice the time until it was already time for us to get going. 

Our next and last destination for the day was the Twin Lagoon.  This is where the sea water and fresh water.  So, the temperature of the lake is kind of funky.  There are spots wherein it's cold and there are spots wherein it's warm. 

The picture below is the picture of the lagoon (left) where the boats dock.  And its twin is on the other side.  During lowtide days, like this day, you can swim under the rocks, as shown on the picture on the right, to get to the its twin!

The other side is left for you to see and discover.  It also is a bit weird, because the water looks like it's thick and oily when you go underwater and look at it through your goggles, but you will really feel that it's not. 

There are few corals and fishes on the other side too but most of the time you would really just see water underneath.  There are also twigs and leaves falling from the trees into the water.  It might look dirty to some, but it's all nature anyway. 

Then, it was time to go back to the lodge.  On our way back we had tuna sandwhich for snacks and a bottle of soda.

When we got back, we asked our tour guide to accompany us to where we could buy cashew nuts.  I love cashew nuts, and since we are already in Palawan, it is a must to have them.

We were brought to Coron Harvest

There were cashew nuts that are roasted and sun dried.  We bought both so we could try the difference.  There are also cashew nuts that were cooked with melted sugar and formed in small circles (panutsa).  The big pack of cashew nuts was for Php 300.00 and the small ones (as seen in the photo below) are for Php 50.00.  The panutsa were also for Php 50.00. 

When we got back to the lodge.  Of course I needed to take a bath and change already because of my red problem.  It really is a good thing that there was no tragedy happened!  So, I guess, I would just need to do the same thing for the activities for the next day.  But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Since it was too early for dinner, we went out to check the nearby stores for souvenir.  Coron Village Lodge has their own shop directly in front of them.  We bought most of our souvenirs and pasalubong there.  Although, we bought a few from other stores around.  Although, they are bit quite apart, so, it was such a walk for us. 

Before the day concluded, we had a very delicious dinner at the lodge. 

It was such a wonderful day and we couldn't wait for the next day's adventure.. 

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  1. I really wish to visit Coron soon...hopefully..nice post!

  2. Thanks Valerie! I sure hope you'd be able to go it's sooo worth it and you'll definitely enjoy it!

  3. ehem ehem! twas fun to read your blog!

  4. pahingi naman ng naging budget ninyo and expenses. :)

  5. Hello Rochelle, we spent Php 8250 for the 4 days and 3 nights we stayed in Coron Village Lodge. This include airport transports, tricycle rides, boat rentals, entrance fees and maintenance fees for the islands, food, mineral water and unlimited coffee at the lodge, basically everything you will need for the trip. We just had extra money for the pasalubong. :)

  6. whoa! Now i miss coron.. The red problem, as what you call it, dyahe talaga no. I had a few trips before pero hindi rin ako napigilan ng ewness na sumpang yan. hahaha! larga pa rin. Nice blog you have there. you may want to visit mine too. I also have a detailed coron entry.


    thanks! have a nice day