The Jagged Barn Looks Forward to a Jaggier 2012

2011 was such a challenge for The Jagged Barn.  After about 10 months of hiatus, I was not sure how to bring readers back, generate new followers and reconnect with the blogosphere once more.

The main reason The Jagged Barn’s stats went down is because I did not post for almost a year.  Thank God for the Blogger App being available in the App Store and it’s free!  Thus, it inspired me to continue blogging.

It was already during the last quarter of 2011 when the fire was ignited to blog again.  I guess that was better than not going back at all.  At least, it was before my blog’s second anniversary and I have blogging friends once more to celebrate with me.

I also started doing a couple of blog meme’s to connect with others more, like Nail of the Day, Wordless and Watery Wednesdays.

It was also nice to blog again about stuff I love like theater, food, shopping and travel.  It was also cool that it was my first time to blog about a concert and be a sponsor of a blog giveaway!

Even if 2011 was already 75% over before I came back from a long silence, it was still eventful for me and makes me look forward to 2012!  I guess, it never is too late to start again, as long as you take that step and start.

Let us not forget the lessons of 2011 as we face 2012 a little bit wiser and a little bit jaggier.

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  1. It's a little hard to come back nga to blogging after a long break. But props to you sis for making a come back in the blogsphere! :) Happy new year and cheers to more blessings, opportunities and blog posts this 2012! ^^